Welcome to my Crystal shop

Please forgive any broken links, i am doing a major upgrade on my site , moving pictures of crystals that have sold, adding Pages.

this web page is getting updated slowly as time permits. Crystal digging as time permits.

Arkansas sets the world class standards for Clear Quartz Crystals. Whether you are a serious mineral collector looking for

that fantastic Display specimen or you need a specific crystal with certain Metaphysical properties. I am sure i have one that will

resonate with you.

Below is a 16 pound quartz crystal cluster that is shaped and looks

like a white butterfly.

Crystal Butterfly

white crystal butterfly, a 16 pound arkansas quartz crystal cluster that resembles a white crystal butterfly.

This quartz crystal butterfly is completely natural, she is not carved

This cluster is in my private collection. A crystal like this is a museum specimen for Sure

I live here in Arkansas,The Natural State. I have a new crystal mine that will be in operation soon.

When i first started out on this Journey 14 years ago, I dug at all the fee pay crystal mines.

I learned from the crystal mine owners themselves, I saw beautiful crystals and listened to great stories.

These Men and Women that worked at the mines, Owned the local Rock Shops, ran the local shops and stores became my friends,There was Something about these Crystal Miners that was very special, mabe it was their love of nature, and the quiet Beauty of Mother Nature.

All of them, Believed in God.

So many People in these small towns that gave so much Light and Love.

I want to Thank them All for the lessons they taught me on my Journey.

I dig and clean most of my own crystals so they have not been exposed to a lot of energy other than their own.

I am soo busy that i sell the smaller crystals only when i go on the road , which isnt as often now that i have reached retirement age.

I have been digging for so many years that i have become very selective.

I like to offer the designer pieces and the collector pieces.

The unusual crystals.

There are always the Dow crystals, the isis, window crystals, timelines, doubleterminated,shards and rehealed, that are favorites with alot of people.

The Lemon golden healers,

The Golden Healers are very rare and have only been found at one mine in Arkansas.These are true collector crystals for anyones mineral collection.

The Rehealed crystals, something happened millions of years ago and the crystal broke or was damaged. The conditions were right

and the crystal started growing again.

It is similar to our own lives and how we grow from painful experiences.

I hope you enjoy your visit here.

Have fun Looking.

Unusual Twin Points. 3 pound point on a LIGHT box,Another one of my personal favorites.

I accept pay pal, money orders and checks.