My journey to here. I am the 4th child of seven. I am middle age and in the best years of my life. My father was a muscian/salesman, so we moved around alot. I have lived in 8 different states and some of them 3 or 4 different times.

Back in the good ole days before computers and cell phones,Living in Arkansas, Children played outside, the 7 of us, 4 boys and 3 girls, would ride our bikes, go fishing,play in the creek, pick up drift wood from the river, ride our pony and horse, play soft ball,we had enough for our own team,Ha. Sometimes we would find ourselves on this huge dirt and rock hill where we would fill our pockets with pretty crystals and take them home.

Most of my adult life I have worked in high stress jobs. I worked most of my life in the medical field as a Surgical Technician in the operating room.I worked a few years in quality control at Broyhill industries. I even once worked on nuclear submariens in Groton Connecticut.

In 1998,I was living in North Carolina,a 15 year relationship ended and my mother died all in the same month,Needless to say, I was devestated,and close to a nervous break down. After my Mothers funeral and a month at her house packing up her things,I moved back to Arkansas to be close to my brothers,and to try and put my life back together.

I had only been here 2 months, and i was not happy, I decided to travel around till i found where i wanted to live.I bought a camper for my little toyota pickup, camping supplies and got a kitten to take with me,so I wouldnt be alone. Patches is his name.We decided we would go dig crystals again before we left AR,so off we went to Colemans in Jesseville. We met people, got interested in the metaphysical properties of crystals and camped there for 5 weeks. Patches learned how to climb trees,I learned how to deal with my Grief. I realized that while i was digging crystals, I wasnt hurting and thinking about the past. I was seeing these beautiful crystals, focusing on their beauty. Just amazed at the shine, the different crystal formations and the sheer beauty of what comes from the earth and mother nature,

I was hooked on digging crystals, it was my medicine, my therapy, While i was digging crystals, I wasn't thinking about my x and the life i had left. The pain from the loss of my mother gradually eased. Patches and I camped for 5 weeks. I rented an apartment in Mt Ida for a year,dug crystals at the fee pay mines everyday that I could. I would hang out at the local rock shops and help my friends there,when they needed an extra 2 hands. Learning more about crystals, how to dig them,clean them,the Metaphysical Properities and most of all learning more about myself and getting thru the grieving process.

After learning and Digging for 4 years,My friends at the rock shops kept telling me I needed to go to the rock shows and learn. A little hesitant,I loaded my truck and went to Quarzite Arizona to set up and sell my crystals. I then let the crystals take me where ever they wanted to. I was gone for a year. Most of that time was spent in Yucca Valley California, where I made some wonderful friends who were also on Journeys Some of these ladies were in their 70`s and 80`s. I no longer consider 80 as being old.

So here I am, still in Arkansas, I love it here. I have been digging crystals for 12 years now and have found my place in the sun. Little did i know it would be on a beautiful mountain, the sun on my back enjoying the Wonders of Mother Earth, the Quiet time, playing in the dirt and finding beautiful Crystals to take home.

Life is better now. I have learned the simple things are the most important. Belief in God, Family, Friends, my 4 legged family, Nature, this wonderful planet, for all people to live as brothers and sisters.

Patches has passed on, but he is in my heart every day. I now have Sally, a rescue dog. She is a medium size Beagle hound. I was camping at the diamond mine here in Arkansas, she was there in the camp ground begging for food, skinny ,mangie, afraid of people, she wouldnt get close to anyone, she was afraid of people. She took refuge under my truck at nite for the 9 days i was there. I hadnt had a dog in 30 years, I thought i was a cat person, I didnt want a dog , i didnt need the responsibily. Well, so much for that thought. She had such beautiful eyes behind the fear, I caught her while she was eating a plate of gravy and eggs, put her in my truck and the rest is history.

She has owned my heart for 7 years now. She is fat, sassy, beautiful and has regained her trust in people. A year ago , Sally and i took in a needy pup , Lucy is her name, another Beagle hound, the small variety. She is full of energy and thinks she is the boss, and she is ,when Sally lets her be, HAAA.

So that is some of my story .

I am a caretaker for these Crystals. If one of them is attracted to you, it will find you. Crystals go where they are suppose to go.

The good Lord made these crystals for everyone to see and to enjoy their beauty.

May you follow your Dreams and fulfill your Destiny !!

We are all One

Love Light and Crystal clear Blessings

Ramona Fleming

1999 crystal dig

Patches,camping for 5 weeks

Learning about Trees

Happy, Living in Mt Ida.

Rock Show in Demming New Mexico,during my year long Trip.